Three Little-Known Home Insurance Coverages You Should Know

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Are you just getting started with your search for homeowners insurance in Delaware? Outside of the more common property and liability coverages, there a few others that may prove to be more appropriate for your situation.

Older Home

Traditional homeowner policies are going to work just fine for most homes, regardless of their age. However, there are certain historic homes and landmarks that they don’t cover. Be sure to speak with your agent about your options if you’re looking to purchase a home that may be considered older or historic.

Mobile Home

Regular home insurance does not cover mobile homes. Even though they offer the same benefits, you’ll need to sign up for mobile home insurance if your home falls under the category of what HUD considers “manufactured homes.”

Tenant’s Form

Also known as renter’s insurance, tenant’s form provides coverage for your belongings. It also includes personal liability coverage in case someone decides to sue you for getting injured on your property. It does not cover damages to the home itself as that will be covered by your landlord’s insurance policy.

As you start your search for insurance in Delaware, be mindful that there are coverage options available outside of the more mainstream selections. Be sure to speak with your agent about your needs to ensure that the policy you sign up for provides the coverage you need.


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